About Claudio Rodríguez

Claudio Rodriguez is a music producer, recording, mixing engineer and composer, based in Switzerland and Mexico & Guitar player for the Band One Day Remains.

"I treat every mix as if it is my last and never take anything for granted.”

Claudio Rodriguez, born in Switzerland, off Italian and Spanish descent, found his way into music at the age of 8. His enthusiasm for the guitar stemmed from his father’s influence, who was a Flamenco guitarist and Claudio’s big idol.


He practiced all his through his teenage years until he Claudio decided to join the Rock Pop College in Zurich. Claudio was trained and inspired by a variety of guitarists such as Zlatko «Slädu» Perica.




"Manny Marroquin"

He taught Claudio a great deal of his play. Claudio’s passion for playing the guitar and his strong will helped him gain a lot of friends and contacts, which he is still in touch with today. Among those friends and contacts was drummer Samuel Berger, who Claudio – along with Pedro Rodrigues – formed his band One Day Remins with. Next to his love tot he guitar and music, Claudio increasingly became interest in recording studios.




At the age of Rodriguez worked at a music store, where he bought his first piece recording equipment - Yamaha AW16G - and thus gained his first production experience. “I have this ‘illness’ to never be satisfied and quickly realized that I had reached the limits of my equipment.” Through steady contact with successful producers and musicians, Claudio continuously increased his knowledge about studio work. Early on Claudio had the chance to produce the albums for other bands. At the same time he received first requests as a live sound engineer. As a consequence, Claudio was able to work with Gonoreas, Delinquent Habits, Bligg, Ja Rule, Kool Savas and Nas. A Claudio’s very own recording studio was only a logic consequence and he thus opened the Soundart-Production Studios at age 19.




His high level of engagement, his passion for music and his love for detail, helped Claudio as a producer and mixing engineer on several projects. Zibbz, Gonoreas, Dirty Venus, Shakra, Almaza Kings, Living, Concubine, his own Band One Day Remains are just a few names. “To work with musicians of every shape and form is a constant challenge and a great honor because a record is like an unborn child, which I am allowed to help to see the first day of light. I learn a lot from collaboration and can take all learning with me along the way.” Claudio’s most important characteristics are his positive attitude towards life, his calmness and his will to learn. Giving up is a no-go. For every goal there is a way.




As the brain and the composer of his band One Day Reminas, Claudio could celebrate many successes. For example several prices at national and international band contests as well as a many attractive club and festival concerts.




But Claudio is still far from his goal. Every day he follows his dream to reach the Olympus of music production. At the moment Claudio lives in Mexico, where he tries to gain more experience and to make more contacts, working in a class A studio




Think positive - live is living!